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USA Today

3 Stars out of 4

Determined to redraft its own sprawling blueprint, DMB jettisoned an album recorded early last year to start fresh with producer Glen Ballard, who co-wrote all 12 songs, contributes keyboard parts and steers the meandering jam band toward pop's straight and narrow on Everyday. Consequently, this punchy fourth studio album gains focus, discipline and polish as Ballard curbs the noodling excesses in favor of compact songs and tighter arrangements (undoubtedly, the material will expand and evolve on the road, where DMB's improvisational bent is unleashed). Some of the band's trademark organic tone is lost in the shift from acoustic to electric guitars, and the skilled players' usual relaxed charm occasionally is smothered by a self-conscious subservience to strict pop marching orders. Yet the trade-off is fruitful in tunes from rambunctious first single I Did It to bittersweet ambler The Space Between and the soaring If I Had It All. Tougher beats, touches of electronica and truncated sax and violin solos sharpen and streamline DMB without muting its ample musicianship and passion