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Lillywhite Sessions Clips

From January to May of 2000, the Dave Matthews Band worked with producer Steve Lillywhite on a new album. This album, however, was scrapped due to circumstances within the band. Everyday, the album that was released, was produced by Glen Ballard. Throughout the DMB internet community there is a crusade to get a copy of the supposed demo Lillywhite Sessions album. Much of this material was played during the Summer 2000 Tour, but some songs still remain a partial mystery. These songs include: One Eyed Fish, Kit Kat Jam, Captain, and Monkey Man.

Here are some clips that apparently are from the Lillywhite demo disc:

(They're MP3' play - Right Click on the link and choose "Save Target As")


One Eyed Fish - 1

One Eyed Fish - 2

Grey Street