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Disc One

  1. Seek Up
  2. Proudest Monkey
  3. Satellite
  4. Two Step
  5. Best Of What's Around
  6. Recently
  7. Lie In Our Graves
  8. Dancing Nancies
  9. Warehouse

Disc Two

  1. Tripping Billies
  2. Drive In Drive Out
  3. Lover Lay Down
  4. Rhyme and Reason
  5. #36
  6. Ants Marching
  7. Typical Situation
  8. All Along The Watchtower


Dave Matthews Band: David Matthews, Carter Beauford, Leroi Moore, Boyd Tinsley, Stefan Lessard.

Additional personnel: Tim Reynolds.

Recorded live at Red Rocks, Colorado on August 15, 1995.

Known for their grassroots attitude and tight, engaging live shows, The Dave Matthews Band has always encouraged fans to record its performances, and was one of rock's most often bootlegged bands. In fact, a direct patch to the soundboard was made available to would-be recordists until 1995, when some of these tapes found their way into less scrupulous, commercial-minded hands who, in the band's eyes, overcharged fans. In response to the bootleg dilemma, LIVE AT RED ROCKS 8.15.97 captures the band in the legendary Colorado venue, performing two discs worth of mesmerizing, intense music.

Opening with the ominous strains of "Seek Up," the DMB proceeds to flow through seamless renditions of their instant classics. The rhythmic play and violin-saxophone harmonies of "Satellite" give way to the frenzied plucking of "Two Step." A lively "Tripping Billies" kicks off side two, while "#36" shows off drummer Carter Beauford's chops. Closing with live staple "All Along The Watchtower," the striking thing about LIVE AT RED ROCKS is its adherence to form: eschewing extended jams for intense, airtight performances, satisfying bootleg-hungry fans who want the energy of the band's live set and the quality of a legitimate, band-approved release.

Album Details:

  record label RCA Records
  orig. release 1997
  release date 10/28/97
  engineer Dan Healy
  mono/stereo Stereo
  studio/live Live