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Disc One

  1. One Sweet World
  2. #41
  3. Tripping Billies
  4. Jimi Thing
  5. Satellite
  6. Crash Into me
  7. Deed Is Done
  8. Lover Lay Down
  9. What Would You Say
  10. Minarets
  11. Cry Freedom
  12. Dancing Nancies

Disc Two

  1. Typical Situation
  2. Stream
  3. Warehouse
  4. Christmas Song
  5. Seek Up
  6. Say Goodbye
  7. Ants Marching
  8. Little Thing
  9. Halloween
  10. Granny
  11. Two Step



Personnel: Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds.

Recorded live at CFL Theatre, Luther College, Decorah, Iowa on February 6, 1996.

Matthews built his career on a grassroots level by wowing audiences with his high energy performances, so this live album seems like a natural step. What's surprising is that a bandleader who's made his reputation largely on the strength of his band (and of course, his considerable songwriting skills) should hit the road without them. The revelation here is that even when the violin, bass, drums, etc. are stripped away, the songs still work well. "Satellite," "What Would You Say" and the other Dave Matthews Band tunes contained on this generous double-disc still brim with inventiveness and immediacy thanks to Matthew's heartfelt, urgent delivery and quirky compositional style. LIVE AT LUTHER COLLEGE provides a fascinating alternate view into the Dave Matthews universe.

Album Details:

  record label RCA Records
  orig. release 1999
  release date 01/19/99
  engineer Jeff Thomas; John Alagia
  mono/stereo Stereo
  studio/live Live