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The new release from DMB:

Release Date: February 27, 2001

First Single: I Did It (On the radio now)

Track Listing:

I Did It
What You Are
The Space Between
When the World Ends
So Right
Dreams of Our Fathers
If I Had It All
Mother Father
Sleep To Dream Her
Fool To Think

Listen to music from Everyday:

DMB-Everyday - Full version of I Did It; 3 song medley featuring the new music; 2 video interviews featuring the new music

Windows Media - Video interivew featuring the new music

What the DMB has to say about Everyday:

Carter: "This band has grown, and come do far, and I think this is the album to prove that"

Dave: "I feel that the making of this album has been one of those periods where suddenly we got our youth back again. It's's bad"

Stefan: "The music itself is so beautiful and different from where we have been going, but I still hear us, I still feel us"

Boyd: "It's been the most productive, fulfilling studio experience, and I think that some of the best music we ever produced is right here"

Everyday Background Info:

In January of 2000, the Dave Matthews Band headed into their new studio in Charlottesville, VA with producer Steve Lillywhite to record their fourth studio album under RCA. Because of time restrictions (they were playing football and going swimming more that recording) they were not able to completely finish the album before the Summer 2000 Tour, which kicked off in June. The band decided not to release the new album until after the tour, when they would have time to go back into the studio and add some finishing touches to some of the songs. Over the course of the summer tour, eight new songs from the album were road-tested and immediately loved by fans. These tunes included Grey Street, Bartender, and Grace is Gone. There were four other songs in the works for the album, but these were never played for a live audience. When the tour ended, the Band decided to finish the album with producer Glen Ballard. Dave met up with Glen in Hollywood, CA in October. They had given themselves nine days to write one or two new songs, and these would be included on the record with reworked versions of the Lillywhite material. In this nine day allotment, ten new songs were written. By the time the rest of the band arrived in Hollywood, a whole new album was underway. The other band members embraced the new songs, calling it the best stuff Dave had ever written. The new album, in it's revised state, doesn't include any of the material played during the summer tour. The twelve brand new songs have reinvented the band with a fresh and exciting sound. The music has a urgency and edge to it, making it unlike any of the previous DMB albums. Part of this is credited to the fact that for the first time, Dave will be playing primarily electric guitar.

Producer: Glen Ballard (Aerosmith, No Doubt, Alanis Morissette)
Recording Studio: Conway Recorders, Hollywood, CA
Recording Period: October 9 - November 23 2000

Record Label: RCA Records
Distribution: BMG Distribution