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Davespeak Archive

All fans who have seen the Dave Matthews Band live or heard a live album know all about "Davespeak," the funny quotes and stories that Dave will say or tell between songs. This page currently contains a list of some of my favorite Davespeak. In the near future, I will be putting together a comprehensive archive of Davespeak dating back to the early days of the band.

07/21/92 - Trax -- “ I just thought, as he’s pointed out here tonight, I'm showing a little bit of muscle tonight...because, I'm so massively strong that I felt it was unkind of me, unkind of me, selfish of me, to only admire my huge biceps in the mirror at home...when I'm doing what I shouldn't be doing, at home...according to those hairy hand seekers.”

09/11/92 - DKE House --“Could I have been...a beach front property?”

03/23/93 - BLC -- “Hello and welcome to this evening’s thrilling entertainment...thrill a minute...ah chick!...that intimate vocal sound,’s everybody doin...I hope you can understand what I'm saying...cause I know what I'm per usual, I'm gonna play a little bit by myself, which I like doing a lot, cause I know what I like and I treat myself well, and I know I'll respect myself in the morning...”

06/09/93 - (conversation between Dave and Carter) Dave----“I think tonights a good night for a daiquiri party....It’s fuckin hot.” “I don't normally swear at all, unless it’s fuckin hot.” “Then I say it’s fuckin hot over and over again.” Carter—“Is it fuckin hot Dave?” Dave----“Fuckin hot means it’s not fuckin cold, Carter, you fuckin idiot!” Carter---“Dave wants me to fuck him up!” Dave----“Jane’s my sister, she’s fuckin hot, and this is the Song that Jane Likes!” Carter---“You mean the fuckin Song that Jane Likes!”

07/30/94 - “Remember that there are hundreds of thousands of things you can eat that are not cheese.”

10/05/94 - “We got some crap you can buy—stuff you can buy—things you can wear. I specified last night—I think you can wear most of this stuff when you're screwing... you can wear most of this stuff when you're not screwing. You can wear the hats...if you're kissing or if you're just drinking coffee...and you can listen to CDs, uh, while you're screwing or drinking coffee."

10/15/94 - “It took me a while to get used to that big fuckin’ camera that was in my face. It was freakin’ me the fuck out. I'm still a fuckin’ country boy and they got this big fuckin’ camera in my face and I'm like FUCK FUCK!”

11/14/94 - (before Jimi Thing): "It's still Sarah's birthday, she's 21 today so she can go out and get really waisted in public and not be breaking the law..... I'm telling you it's great. It will wear after, after a while it will wear off and then you will sit at home by yourself and drink heavily, you don't have to go out anymore. It will be fun for the first couple of months, or maybe a year. Then when you get a job, get out of college, it starts to suck. YEAH JUST DRINK! ............... This is a hippie song, this is a fantasy about drinking not becoming a drag after 20 years."

12/31/94 - (before True Reflections): “and’s one year later...and I'm one year older...and one year closer to being dead...but that....that’s’s all a part of growing up....”

12/31/94 - “Yall sing louder than me, and I got all this shit.”

02/23/95 - “so ahh, I know that someone come up to you and say man you're all fucked up, you get pissed off. You say listen man, I am what I am. Sometimes I wonder if maybe when somebody tells me I'm all fucked up, maybe they got a point or something.”

Mother’s day - 1995, Mesa, Arizona - (before WWYS) - “ I was walking down the road, and a little green man jumped out of a hole in the ground......he sad(high voice)”dip dip dip dip” I said “what?” he said “dip dip dip dip” “I said why did you say that?” he said “well, what would you say?”

07/31/95 - Austin - “I hope you don't mind if we fuck around a little bit, that’s what were best at.” -----“So when your starin up at the sky and dreamin, cause when your dreamin that’s the only real free place, is in your head, everywhere else there’s someone else tellin’ you what to do then you stare up at the stars and maybe once and a while some of them move.”

12/28/95 - “I ain't promoting drinking or nothing. But whiskey comes from plants. And ya know, whatever comes from the ground has got to be good for you.”

12/29/95 - Patriot Center---“The Energizer bunny, he just keeps goin’ and goin’ and goin’... one day a giant hammer is gonna fall out of the sky and knock the shit out of him...”

12/31/95 - Hampton Coliseum---(before nancies)---“One thing that wouldn't change... when the new year comes...when you get a couple of beers or a couple of pipes in you, you're feeling okay...”

06/11/96 - “This is one of my best took me a little while to know him, but once you do know him, he never leaves, this is my friend Jack Daniels.”

HORDE - 1996 - San Diego, CA - “ It is nice when you can sit back with some friends, drink some beer and have a good time.”

07/19/96 - “It’s too fuckin’ hot...but it’s not to hot to fuck.”

09/08/96 - “If the guy who threw that shoe is man enough to come up here and admit it to my face.........I'll shake your hand Mother fucker!”

09/29/96 - Hershey Park Stadium - "I think a good philosophy is...instead of ‘Just say no’....Just say yes, at least once."

11/03/96 - MSG - “So, we have Green peace tables set up somewhere out there. People are walking around from Green peace. If you can give them a dollar or something because if you do... you'll go to Heaven.”

05/31/98 - Riverport Amphitheater - St. Louis, Missour - "How's everybody doin' tonight...are the beers cold? everything burning the way it should burn?"

06/02/98 - Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH - "I see you have some Bud for me up on there on the lawn. Maybe I'll work my way up there. If the fates are KIND to us, maybe I'll see you after the show."

07/26/98 - SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY----(speaking to the people in the audience with laser pointers) "I know you're probably a nice person, with the little red thing, and you also are probably nice people...but will you turn that mother fucker off, will you turn that mother fucker off, please."

6/19/00 - Polaris Amphitheatre - Columbus, OH--"Thank you all for making this past century so pleasant for us, we will make this next one pleasant for ya'll."

6/24/00 - Deer Creek Music Center - Noblesville, IN--"The rain is great for many things. You can make out in the rain, you can make love in the rain--with two or more consenting partners."

7/11/00 - Giants Stadium--"Sometimes we'll go out for a drink. Sssssss [the sound of a beer being popped open]. Sometimes you just got to get buzzed. Sometimes you go out to get a taste. Sometimes you're looking for a little bit more at the bottom of that fine-tasting beverage."

9/15/00 - Dallas, TX--"This is a comedy show now y'all... Damn circkets are flying into my mouth and into my eye balls and trying to get in my shirt and down into my pants... Jiminey Cricket just paid me a little visit. If you see him, tell him to get the FUCK outta here."


“This goes out to all of you who see the image and to those who seek to see the image.”

Boyd: “Cause if it weren't for Dave we'd all be working at McDonalds saying, Can I take your order please?” Dave: “I'd be managing fries.”

“I'm sorry for seeming a little crazy, I kinda hurt my hand, and the doctor gave me a bunch of steroids that got me all fucking crazy. Then I smoked a lot of fucking pot and that got me REALLY fucking crazy. Here’s a song about getting HIIIIIIIIIIIIGH!”